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Jana Bean- 3X NFR Qualifier

"I've gotten the pleasure to try the new Re-Vita+EQ "Gastro-Snax" CBD equine treats and I have been extremely pleased with the results! It calms each horse just enough to get their attention and focus but doesn't take any run or fire away from them! They not only calm because of the CBD in them, but they also help calm your horse by coating their stomachs to help aid in any gastric discomfort they may have from nerves. I highly recommend these treats for daily use or as a pre-race treat! They are affordable and the horses love the molasses taste."

Fallon Jordan

“I started using Re-Vita + EQ Gastro-Snax about 4 months ago. Since I started using these treats, they have become a big part of my program. From hauling babies away from home for the first time to a horse that just needs a little edge taken off for more focus. From heel horses, head horses, to fire breathing barrel horses the amount of CBD in each cookie works for them all! What I love the most beyond real results and Gastro help is the convenience of a treat. They love the way they taste and it’s quick, clean, and simple!”

Suzanna Patrick

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"Thank you for this WORKING product! We actually switched from another CBD product and this was going to be our last go at giving CBD a chance to help one horse in particular and I’m so glad we did! This specific horse cycles extremely hard and the bad behavior during that time has ended up effecting her daily personality and she would just kick to kick. She would kick the stalls, kick while standing tied with NO other horses around and kick out while on the walker. After starting her on the snax/treats, it took about 2.5-3 days and her attitude completely changed, NO KICKING! I can even stall her without hobbles or kicking chains now thank goodness! It’s safe to say we love this product and IT WORKS!"